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My name is Constantina Delimitrou and I was born in Piraeus, Greece. Online, I’m often found as “Psilikatzou” and that is because once upon a time, actually in 2004, I created my first blog under that name and started writing everyday stories from my convenience store.

I soon realized that this was really fun not only for me but also for many completely unknown people - actually thousands of them every day.

My stories were soon published in almost every traditional medium and ended up along with my personal story in my first book “Η Ψιλικατζού”, which to my surprise was shortly a best seller.

Many things followed. Mainly fame, lots of embarrassment and appearances in plenty TV and radio shows along with a new career in advertising, another career as an author by publishing my second book “Underworlds”, awards and many collaborations with magazines, newspapers and online portals. The most important thing during that time though, was having Angie and George, my two kids.

I am now a copywriter, web & social media content creator in Cyprus, while I am collaborating with various brands and websites (Greek & Cypriot) for any type of article or content needs (see here a few sample stories). If you need help with copy for your company, page or social media, there is a chance I can help. Even if I don't have the time I surely know the top ones who can. You may find more about my work @LinkedIn.

As for my author career, I finally got the full rights for my books and you may find them online (in Greek, though) for free. A decision that made me really happy. Hehe!

So, for the last 8 years, writing of all kinds became my work, my everyday routine, my enjoyment and of course, my main income source. And if there is something I really love doing even more than writing, is to write about writing.

Crazy, I know. :)

So, it's time you find out why we are here.

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